Life made easy

How Steffi works

Steffi is a innovative method to facilitate access to online information for people with low literacy and digital skills. Target groups are involved in every aspect of the design and content. This makes Steffi very user friendly and effective.

Who is Steffi?

The avatar Steffi is an online method created by social enterprise Leer Zelf Online, the Netherlands. Steffi aims to explain difficult information in an easy-to-understand way.

We focus our efforts on supporting people who are vulnerable in society and have limited (digital) skills. We do this step by step, using simplified language, attractive illustrations and animations.

Topics are explained through animated pictures, written text, and spoken language by the animated figure Steffi. Steffi is the guide that takes you through the subject matter and supports you along the way. Steffi allows the user to take in information in a self-paced way. The feeling of being supported throughout the explanations is appreciated by many users, and usually lacking in other online learning and information tools.



Technology designed with people in mind

For many people, the world is becoming more and more complicated due to digitalization. Steffi facilitates access to online information. Target groups, including people with low literacy skills, intellectual and developmental disabilities, or new immigrants, are always involved in the development of design and content right from the start. This makes Steffi very user friendly and effective.

What makes Steffi tick and unique?

  • Clear explanations of complex matter
  • Step by-step explanations that can be followed at your own pace
  • Attractive illustrations and enlightening animations
  • Built responsive, so useable on all kinds of devices
  • Steffi animated figure as a guide
  • All texts are accompanied by spoken audio
  • A uniform and clear user interface
  • Frequent use of focus groups during development
  • Available in many languages
  • Free access, no login or subscription
  • Modules can be easily integrated into websites
  • A solution to every problem!